New Life Development Inc. is powered by various cyber schools that are tuition-free. Most schools provide: Computer and peripherals, Books, Certified teachers, etc. New Life Cyber Academy is a learning center where students may attend to complete their cyber schoolwork. In addition to providing accountability and structure, New Life also provides a safe haven for students desiring a sense of community.


If you would like your student(s) to attend New Life as a Cyber student, please complete the steps below:

1). Complete the application at the bottom of this page and a representative from New Life will contact you regarding your interest.

2). We will assist in helping you choose the best cyber school for your child.

3). After completing the online application, you will be given a list of documents needed to finalize the enrollment process. Bring all of the documents in to New Life’s Administrative Office: 2810 Edgemont Ave. Suite E Parkside PA 19015.